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Marketing & Communication

M7 Social Project offers courses taught in English in areas of marketing and communications. As a university professor in Verona, I have been teaching international marketing and business communication principles for over three years. As a native English speaker, the goal is to teach fundamental business principles in the world's universal business language.

I have developed three courses that are meant to be taught in small to mid-size groups. These courses can be done in a few day sessions or spread out in hourly sessions. I can also develop ad hoc courses for specific areas of marketing and communications.

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This course examines the impact of culture, history, politics and legal aspects on marketing practices in a globalized world and economy. The objective of this course is to understand how to apply basic marketing principles and strategis to international business decisions - all taught in English using common business terminology.

The course explores:

- Marketing Basics: SWOT analysis, 4Ps of marketing, target markets and segmentation

- External and macro factors in a marketing strategy

- Market Research techniques

- International Planning Process

- Developing products and services for global markets

- Advertising, promotion and communication for global markets (IMC)

The course is meant for any business professional as all employees should have a fundamental understanding of a company's positioning and messaging.

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Business Communications

This course provides basic communication principles and practices, always in English, for the business environment. Participants learn to develop professional writing and communication skills as well as document design skills for the professional environment.

This course examines basic communication science and philosophy and then applies that knowledge to practical business examples. Topics include:

- Communicating in teams 

- Analyzing Audiences

- Professional writing styles

- Communicating across cultures

- Analyzing and communicating data and scientific information

- Persuasive communication styles

- Integrated marketing and communication strategies

- Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Impact communication styles and strategies

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Social Media

Social Media Marketing is both a science driven by data, metrics and performance as well as an art trying to decide how to communicate effectively across various channels. 

In order for companies to be successful on social media and grow a network, the whole company needs to play an active role. 

In a globalized economy, many companies are also turning to English as the default language for social media. 

This course looks at social media strategies for companies including:

- How to choose the right channels for your company

- How to prepare a strategy for each channel

- How to prepare content and editorial calendars

- How to create and optimize profiles, build networks and share content

- How to engage employees in social media networks

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