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The vision of M7 Social Project is also to have a positive impact on the community. In addition to following social projects for companies, the team is dedicated to contributing time and resources to the following projects.

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Progetto Quid

Progetto Quid is a sustainable fashion brand based in Verona, Italy with a social enterprise mission to bring work to vulnerable female populations. I am proud to be a brand ambassador for their Worldplaces project, a European Union sponsored initiative that helps women develop hard and soft skills. I'll be working with Quid this year to further develop this project.


Verona PWN

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Verona Professional Women Networking is a non-profit association in Verona, Italy that looks to unite professional women and spark the gender equality debate. I founded this non-profit in 2016. I have now stepped into the role of Past President, but still sit on the Board as Director of Partnerships. Verona PWN also collaborates with other Italian associations to liaise with the government on policy change for female employment and representation.

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Running for


I've been a competitive runner for several years now, and in 2022 decided to compete more regularly. More importantly, I thought about how I can put my running to good use. With an ambitious goal to set 2 PRs in 2023 (in the 10KM and half marathon) and to compete in the NYC marathon, I am also going to race for diabetes, a disease that has affected various members of my family. Read my funding story and stay tuned!

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Kiva is an international nonprofit, founded in 2005 in San Francisco, with a mission to expand financial access to help underserved communities thrive.  They do this through crowdfunding loans and micro financing. M7 is passionate about helping women around the world building a businesses to gain financial independence and confidence. Check out my profile and consider small micro loans (even $20/$25) to help a woman-led business!

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