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M7 Vision

"The Fifth Industrial Revolution will demand a fundamental change to the nature of business, and our roles in it, to address the global challenges ahead and improve the state of our world" - Marc Benioff, Founder and CEO of Salesforce, Author of "Trailblazer"

In today's world, all companies, organizations and people need marketing and digital skills. We also live in a world where your network is your net worth. Welcome to the Phygital world where Physical meets Digital. The M7 Social Project was born with the idea of combining marketing and digital know-how with the willigness and desire to build a network and collaborations. It's not just about turning profit, it's about leaving an impact.

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Mary Elizabeth Wieder
Strategic Marketing Expert and Senior Consultant, Non-profit Founder, University Lecturer

A native of Allentown, Pennsylvania (USA), Mary has lived in Italy for over a decade and is a dual Italian-American citizen.


She is a bilingual (English/Italian) Global Strategic Marketing Expert with a certification in Digital Transformation, Design Thinking and Social Impact.  Mary has experience in Marketing Management Consulting and Director roles for multinational companies and startups. She is a Professor of International Marketing and Business Communications at USAC University in Verona.


She is also the Founder of Verona Professional Women Networking non-profit organization.

16+ years of marketing and communications experience

Specific Skills & Experience

High level Marketing Strategy, Digital Transformation Strategy, GDPR and Privacy for Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Creation, 
Corporate Social Responsibility, Design Thinking, Diversity and Inclusion (Women's Initiatives)


LEGO® Serious Play, Design Thinking Facilitator, Digital Transformation, Social Entrepreneurship, Women Leadership

English (native), Italian (fluent), French (working proficiency)

International Work Experience
United States, Italy, France, Morocco, Australia

Top Industries
B2B, Telecommunications, Pharmaceutical/Life Sciences, Information Technology, SaaS, Telecommunications, Non-Profit, Financial Services, Luxury Brands, Sports
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