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8 days in America: How I used ChatGPT for Work (and Play!)

Well, ChatGPT is banned in Italy over potential data privacy concerns. So just as I was starting to take an interest in ChatGPT for marketing support and created an account on, I got the “ChatGPT disabled for users in Italy” message. Gee, thanks Italy. (and no further comment).

But it just so happened that I was due to head back stateside for Easter, and jumped on the opportunity to play around with the technology.

I started reading up on ChatGPT last fall when fellow marketers were raving on how the technology would revolutionize business practices. In a rather unique case, a colleague’s wife, a high school English teacher, was testing the technology to discover whether students were plagiarizing essays from texts found on the Internet.

Let’s just say I am glad I am not a student today! (Not that I plagiarized as a student, but the data-driven pressure is intense!).

But the potential of this AI-driven technology had me thinking about its applications to the world of marketing. More recently, I have also been working in the field of telecommunications and looking at optimizing omnichannel journeys when consumers have an average of 4+ touchpoints. The biggest question for communicators in general is how to optimize that CPA statistic (Cost Per Acquisition) when the market is demanding even more personalized experiences?

I personally manage 3 products and anywhere between 20-30 tasks per week with deadlines that require strategic focus.

It means being smarter, and at the same time, more efficient.

That is where ChatGPT comes in.

ChatGPT is an AI-driven tool that is essentially a “smart” content generator based on the text and data it is routinely fed from across the Internet. Except now it is in the hands of mere mortals like us to apply to our daily needs.

One of the most common use cases of ChatGPT I’ve seen is chatbots which help companies communicate with consumers/users in a real-time simulating a human-to-human interaction with intelligent insight as well.

While I didn’t have an immediate need for chatbots in my 8 days in America, I did use ChatGPT for other marketing purposes over the last week. Here is how I used ChatGPT in my week in America:

1. Marketing Content Creation

I had some blog and social media pieces to draft over the last few days, and yes, I asked ChatGPT to write a few of them for me (just for the record – not this one). I gave the tool a simple request to write a blog on a certain topic and highlight certain concepts. To write a 500-word blog, it took ChatGPT all of 20 seconds to produce it. With a revision from the naked human eye, the content is legitimate and structured with minimum effort required to make some quick personalized touches.

2. SEO Optimization in Product Marketing

I’ve been struggling lately to position a communications technology that is, on the surface, easy to describe but the name of the technology itself draws blanks. So I asked ChatGPT to round up the most common searches and descriptions for this type of technology which can now be incorporated into new marketing collateral.

3. Account-Based Marketing Research

In the B2B world, ABM is an increasingly popular and successful strategy for nurturing prospects. It means knowing your potential clients in and out, including the decision-makers you are dealing with. I used ChatGPT to scout some research on key accounts I am working on and to look at drafting some appropriate content and messaging (including the right tone of voice). While this tactic still hasn’t been confirmed successful on my end, the potential is there for marketing and sales teams looking to accelerate this process.

These were my concrete examples where specific results were generated. I also attempted to use ChatGPT to ask about topics in general and to get some ideas on how to prepare a presentation for a prospective client. I also tried to do some Italian-English, and vice versa, translating. While it’s fun to play around, a lot of these tasks don’t need ChatGPT.

But I also asked for some recommendations on where to go in Friuli-Venezia-Giulia in north-east Italy and got some good ideas.

So, come on Italy, stop being so suspicious all the time!

Jokes aside, ChatGPT could be a real game changer for content marketing, account-based marketing and omnichannel development. Of course, we need to share more to learn more!


Mary Elizabeth Wieder

Senior Marketing Consultant

M7 Social Project

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