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2023: Another year, another Book List

Updated: Mar 2

Why keep an annual book list? Every new year start, most of my colleagues and friends are vowing to read more, and since knowledge is power, why not also share what we're reading? My picks throughout the year are a mix of continuous education in business, cultural reads, a mix of English and Italian language and, hopefully some good fictional reads as well.

Here is my list, with my review of each book, so leave your thoughts, comments and suggestions!

1. And There Was Light: Abraham Lincoln and the American Struggle by Jon Meacham -- LINK

As an American, I sometimes like to select some books that give further insight into our history as a relatively young country and attempts to explain why our society is shaped the way it is today. There are numerous books and biographies on Abraham Lincoln, the President that freed the slaves and saved the Union. This book was gripping and almost a page turner as it told the life of Lincoln while also painting a picture of American life in the 1860s. It sets the tone for the North vs South and racial struggle we still see today.

2. All About Love by Bell Hooks -- LINK

It's understandable why this is a best seller, as most people are looking for explanations about why love is lacking in their lives of why they have lost love in the past. I personally found it too spiritual, too philosophical and too subjective. With some valuable insight to reflect on, it didn't leave me with any overwhelming revelations. I was hoping for more lessons on empathy rather than self-therapy.

3. Less by Andrew Sean Greer -- LINK

Ok, so I admit I misunderstood the plot of this book when I ordered it. However, this book surprised me. This man's journey around the world to escape failed love, a failed career, cope with his 50th birthday all to come to a startling realization at the end. No spoilers, but my favorite dialogue in the whole book was Less' conversation with a woman he met in Morocco on the eve of his 50th birthday about how do we know what real love is. From New York to Mexico to Italy, Germany, Morocco, India and Japan, it was a surprisingly delightful ride.

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